Saturday, August 26, 2006


Czar trusts his loyal knights
Jesus’ disciples can’t be bribed
But Judas needs to sell his Christ
Brutus wants to turn the knife

All the actors have got their lines
Some are playing traitors,
Some are playing martyrs

But why HE put me in this soap
Why don’t HE just let me go?
I aint His friend, I aint his foe
I just wanna swim against the flow

I don’t wanna play judge
I don’t wanna play thief
I don’t wanna play King Zeus
I don't wanna play damned Prometheus


Brutus coward tamed a lion
Judas got the bag of coins

All the characters have said their lines
Grail’s been filled with blood red wine


And curtain falls before countless eyes.


Monday, August 21, 2006


You’ve got me on the cross again
Now, who'd cure your lepers

and endure your pains?
Who’d get you out of heinous reign?
Make you long for Promised Land?

Would you keep deifying your erroneous calf?
Made of gold that soothes your heart,
Keep throwing your saviours in the hearth?

Would you try to delude again?
Beg to get refused again
Rehearse the tale of deluge again.

Would you waste in famine all your grains?
Crave for drought instead of rain.
I’m your life, your guide, your way
So why do you wish to have me slain?


Thursday, August 17, 2006


whisper your name
in an empty room
you brush past my skin
as soft as fur
taking hold
i taste your scent
distant noises
other voices
pounding in my broken head
commit the sin
commit yourself
and all the other voices said
change your mind
you're always wrong

come around at christmas
i really have to see you
smile at me slyly
another festive compromise
but i live with desertion
and eight million people
distant noises
other voices
pulsing in my swinging arms
caress the sound
so many dead
and all the other voices said
change your mind
you're always wrong