Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I don't know how it feels
To keep a secret unrevealed
That one who heals
Is the one who bites
Who gives you lights
And snatches your sight

Cuz I’m not the one who lies
I have got nothing to hide
I am like a naked tree
That shivers in the cold winter nights.

But I ain’t in search of soothing fire
I prefer the abyss than climbing high
Up on the sacred Mount Sanai
I can’t sing no praising hymn
Before the burning holy sign.

You can’t hide your swelling tears
Behind the tattered veil of smile
So let your eyes cleave these waves
To get yourself passed through the Nile.

And I’ll fight till final triumph
As fighting is the finest crime
I can’t flee the pharaoh’s hell
To vanish like the lost tribes.



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